Author Topic: PLEASE READ BEFORE REGISTERING.  (Read 7457 times)


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Registering is a good way to participate in our website and is also a good way to interact with Squad members.

Registering on our web site does not in anyway make you a Squad member. You are only registering to participate in
the General forums.  If you think you are going to get to see the Squad Member forums, Don't Bother, as you wont.

If your a spammer, "Don't Bother" attempting to register, as we do a complete check of your details before excepting your
request to join. These forums are administrated daily so if you happen to fall through the cracks you wont last long anyway.

All other legit users, Please join and participate and enjoy our forums.

Get to know us as we'd like to get to know you. Participate in our forums, Join us in our servers for some games and join us on
teamspeak and you never know you may get offered extra privileges within the website.


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